by Dan Brunton

York, Pennsylvania based York Container Company, a subsidiary of the Atlantic Packaging Company, recently completed the startup of its first greenfield corrugated box plant in Elgin, Illinois. This state-of-the-art facility encompasses over 400,000 square feet of manufacturing space and integrates cutting-edge technology.

The Elgin plant consolidates various packaging solutions, including corrugated sheets, brown printed shippers, and high-graphic specialty packaging, all under one roof. This strategic location serves to bolster York Container’s capacity to meet the growing demand for packaging solutions across the Midwest region.

One of the highlights of this new facility is the installation of two advanced high board line rotary die-cutters from Göpfert. These machines signify a significant investment in technology aimed at enhancing production efficiency and product quality.
Göpfert is a third-generation family-owned leading manufacturer of corrugated machinery based in Wiesentheid, Germany who specialize in full-line corrugated board processing systems – from pre-feeder to palletizer. Truly a one hand solution, from stack to stack.

The first HBL rotary die-cutter was delivered to Elgin at the end of 2022, fully equipped from pre-feeder to material handling, with seven printing units, a double die-cut unit and several quality control systems, including monitoring system.
The second HBL rotary die-cutter has just been delivered in January 2024, and it has four printing units and is the perfect addition to York Container.

Frank Adams, Senior Vice President of Corrugated US at York Container, emphasized the company’s commitment to delivering exceptional quality, service, and customer experience.

“While our new Elgin facility provides our customers with the most advanced corrugated production available, we are just as focused on quality, service, and providing the best customer experience available,” he said.

Chris Danczyk, General Manager of the Elgin facility, echoed this sentiment, highlighting the competitive edge that the new facility and its advanced machinery offer in attracting and retaining customers.

He added, “We know our customers have a choice of corrugated suppliers, and this new Elgin facility with its most modern machinery really makes a strong case for current and prospective customers to consider York as their first choice.”

With sustainability as a core focus, York Container utilizes 100 percent recycled paper from Atlantic Packaging Products in Ontario, Canada, to offer environmentally friendly packaging solutions across various industries. This commitment to sustainability aligns with the broader ethos of Atlantic Packaging Company and reflects a growing industry trend towards eco-conscious manufacturing practices.

Overall, the completion of the Elgin facility represents a significant milestone for York Container Company, positioning it as a preferred partner for customers seeking innovative, sustainable, and high-quality packaging solutions in the Chicago market and beyond.

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