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Webinar Replay: How Machine Learning Will Change the Corrugated Industry

How Machine Learning Will Change the Corrugated Industry
In the nearly 150 years since corrugated box manufacturing machines came into existence, output, efficiency, and bottom line has ridden largely on guesswork and intuition. That is all about to change, enter: Machine Learning. In this webinar, hosted by Len Prazych, Editor-in-Chief of Board Converting News, participants will learn about the corrugated facility of the future: where data is harvested and analyzed, increasing output and profit margins by orders of magnitude, and even predicting and preventing breakdowns before they happen. Machine Learning will no longer be seen as a cutting-edge technology, but rather as a necessity. Its strategic incorporation into operations will allow box plants to gain a fast and long-term competitive advantage over companies that delay adoption.
Moderated by: Len Prazych
Editor-In-Chief, Board Converting News
Len Prazych has been Editor-In-Chief of Board Converting News for 10 years. Prior to joining the NV Publications team, he ran Prazych Communications LLC, an Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations agency, and represented clients in a variety of markets and specifically, the corrugated converting industry. Having been on “both sides of the editor’s desk,” he has the insight of a journalist and the eye of an advertiser to inform thousands of readers with the only weekly publication – in print and online – for the North American corrugated and folding carton industries.
Matthew Miller
Director of Technology, Helios IIoT
Matthew Miller is a technology director with expertise in bringing products, processes and technology to life. An expert at aligning technology solutions with customer needs, he has successfully led teams to build products that have led to significant commercial growth and increased business productivity.
Dennis Wood
Director of Manufacturing, Premier Packaging
Dennis Wood is Director of Manufacturing at Premier Packaging, an early adopter of Machine Learning. With over 85 locations in North America, Canada, and Mexico, Premier’s packaging solutions have effectively improved labor efficiency, reduced supply chain costs, and created a world-class experience for its clients.
Justin Gagne
Senior Data Scientist, Helios IIoT
As a Senior Data Scientist, Justin builds reliable production-ready machine learning services. Justin’s career is centered around continual development, beginning with his M.S. in Physics from Georgia State University. Justin is particularly interested in anomaly detection, time series analysis, and clever methods of generating synthetic data when needed. He has managed data retention strategies, researched sensor integration, and used custom algorithms to implement product recommendations to name a few of his accomplishments in the machine learning realm.

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