To keep up with today’s fast-paced corrugated market, box makers are demanding more capable systems that keep up with their high-speed and high-volume production needs. There’s also a growing requirement for systems that can efficiently manage a wide range of materials and complex configurations without compromising on quality or efficiency.

“Customers are now demanding more versatility and rapid turnaround times,” said Rick Putch, Process Improvement Manager at National Steel Rule. “To remain competitive, box plants need to evolve to meet an increasingly diverse set of requests.”

In a bid to address these growing demands, SUN Automation Group rose to the occasion. For the past 12 years, the SUN625 Rotary Die Cutter (RDC) has been a stalwart in the industry, renowned for its reliability and performance. Over the same time, SUN has made incremental improvements to the flagship machine, culminating in the most capable RDC on the market today: The SUN 625HD Rotary Die Cutter.

The SUN625 HD represents a monumental leap in design and functionality for rotary die cutting. The machine features several structural upgrades, including a doubling in DC journal bearing size – unmatched by other 66” machines on the market – to increase machine integrity and reduce friction significantly. Additionally, the machine’s patent-pending nip position, coupled with a larger diameter anvil cylinder, enhances the smoothness of operation.

These strength-building improvements enable a 300 percent improvement in load capacity, which significantly expands the machine’s capability to handle larger volumes without compromising on speed or precision. This increased capacity also allows for more versatile production options, accommodating a wider range of corrugated board types and thicknesses, including heavy-weight paper and double-wall configurations.

Consequently, businesses can diversify their product offerings for numerous complex applications, elevating their competitive edge and operational efficiency.

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