Brampton, Ontario based Royal Containers Ltd has announced that it is expanding operations into a facility in St. Thomas, Ontario. According to Royal Containers’ President & CEO, Kim Nelson, the decision to move Royal Containers’ facility to a larger footprint was made to address growth and to increase the capacity of their present location in London.

Other factors contributed as well. “First of all, being in the top three of 2021 McLean’s magazine’s Best Places to Live in Canada made St. Thomas a very attractive location,” said Nelson. “We are excited to join this community and extend our congratulations to all the people who live and work here for attaining this distinction.”

Royal Containers has a strong team of leaders to facilitate, plan and execute the expansion. The team is equipped to face the challenges of a dynamically changing marketplace and the economic impacts brought on by the pandemic. 

“In May 2020 we closed an acquisition that brought an established display company, C&B Display, into London and into the Royal Containers fold. Since then, we have been rapidly growing both sides of the business,” said Nelson.

Royal Containers was founded in 1980 by Ross Nelson. Today, Kim Nelson upholds the pride in ownership that her father established and operates the business by building on strength through partnerships and vertical integration. Royal Containers is partnered with TenCorr Packaging and Greenpac Paper Mill. The company’s success is a direct result of its history of strong acquisitions, including that of Morphy Containers, which ran on the original London site.

“The City Council and the Economic Development Corporation have worked hard to ensure that the St. Thomas is an attractive place to grow a business”, said St. Thomas Mayor Joe Preston, “I could not be more pleased to see Royal Containers choosing to bring their history of success and innovation to a community that I know will support that passion for growth now and into the future.”

Royal Containers employs over 275 people, operating on three shifts, 24 hours a day, five days a week. Approximately 45 to 50,000,000 square feet of corrugated boxes and displays are shipped to customers in Ontario and beyond every month.

“We plan to keep our edge by using high-speed, technically advanced equipment at all of our facilities,” said Nelson. “Our machinery will definitely keep us competitive, but a commitment to our core values of responsiveness, performance, and leadership will set us apart.”

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