Vienna, Austia based Mondi announced the launch of the ProVantage SmartKraft Brown and White packaging solution. The two containerboard paper grades strike a balance between sustainability, strength, and printability, providing the tranquility needed in packaging decisions, the company said.

The papers are made of 100 percent fresh fibre on the top and 100 percent recycled fibre underneath (two-ply solution), blending sustainability, strength, cost efficiency and printability.

Like all Mondi Containerboard papers, the company says they are 100 percent recyclable and made from 100 percent responsibly sourced raw materials.

ProVantage SmartKraft grades combine fresh and recycled fibres and are available in both brown and white variations, aiming to minimize environmental impact while maintaining high standards of quality and strength. These containerboard paper grades are suited for e-commerce, retail and fast-moving consumer goods packaging, by using responsibly sourced raw materials.

“Our customers need high performance, sustainable paper and packaging solutions and we can offer this with our extended range of ProVantage containerboard papers,” said Gijs Huisman, Mondi Sales Director, Containerboard.

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