Mainline Conveyor Systems was founded by Roger Brown in 1991. Once customers experienced the quality of Mainline’s products and services, the company began to grow.  For over 30 years, Brown led the company and Mainline went through many new expansions and changes.

Once Brown was ready to retire, Terry Smith took over as CEO after purchasing the company in 2022.

Smith had previously worked at Mainline as a teenager and intern during college. With a passion for the industry and a desire to grow Mainline, he was the perfect fit for the job. 

While much of the industry has remained the same, Mainline continues to rethink conveyor systems — finding new solutions to increase efficiency, safety, and functionality. Working with their customers one-on-one to really understand their business and needs, Mainline develops customized solutions. 

“A customer can expect that we know their environment, we know their equipment, we know their plants. We know what we can do with our conveyor systems. But we’re always looking to give them more,” said Smith. 

In the past two years, Mainline has grown in all facets. This steady growth is a result of the intentionality and exceptional service the team provides to the customers.

To keep production and efficiency up, Terry Smith, CEO, and Brandon Martin, Vice President of Operations, knew they would need a new facility to accommodate the company’s growth. 

Their new building is a 96,000-square-foot facility that is located in Mooresville, Indiana — continuing the legacy Mainline had already established. With the move, the leadership team feels prepared for the next 30 years of business.

The new building allows Mainline to provide a smoother experience and an overall higher-quality product for their customers. Terry Smith, CEO, takes this growth seriously — always putting the customer first in these times of company growth. 

“I think the future is bright for Mainline. We’ve got the ability to grow into our new space. We’ve got the ability to add more technology, advanced manufacturing.

“I think we’re going to be a bigger player in the corrugated industry as we move forward,” said Martin.

Mainline Conveyor Systems will be at the SuperCorrExpo, September 9-12, and will share some exciting advancements, improvements, and products at their booth.

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