Maharshi Labels has recently installed Baldwin Technology Co. Inc.’s Guardian OLP Offline Proofing and Inspection system (OLP). 

Headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, Maharshi was launched in 1980 caters to clients in more than 45 countries worldwide. 

Its portfolio encompasses packaging solutions, labels and sealing technologies across a wide spectrum of sectors including the pharmaceutical, distillery, pesticide, brewery, cosmetic, lubricant, edible oil, food and ancillary industries.

Leveraging advanced software, the Guardian OLP system reportedly enables swift and precise comparisons between pre-press files or scanned press samples and the customer-approved originals. In a matter of seconds, even the slightest variations in print quality are automatically detected and highlighted.

A notable challenge Maharshi encountered was addressing variations in export jobs, particularly in languages such as Arabic or French. The significance of even the tiniest punctuation mark became apparent due to its potential to alter meanings.

Recognizing this, Maharshi embraced automation to eliminate human intervention from the equation. This strategic shift not only resulted in a significant reduction in rejection rates as compared to manual checks but also drastically reduced the time required for examination and minimized waste, according to the company.

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