Chicago, Illinois based packaging manufacturer, Kodiak LLC, announced its investment in a four-color Kolbus Hycorr 135-inch rotary die cutter. The machine is currently being installed and is planned to start up later this month.

The Kolbus Hycorr 135-inch rotary die cutter is a maintenance friendly machine that will help increase Kodiak’s production capabilities and improve overall efficiency in the process of corrugated converting.

Automation features allow it to produce complex shapes and designs with accuracy and efficiency, making it a solution for a wide range of packaging and display applications, from shipping boxes to retail displays.

With its vacuum transfer technology, the Hycorr delivers registration and color dependability. Other features include a quick setup, easy operation and productivity; durably built construction with automation capabilities designed to work for short and long run work in addition to a slitter/slotter section.

“We are excited to add the Kolbus Hycorr 135″ rotary die cutter and anticipate that our customers will be impressed with its capabilities,” a Kodiak spokesperson said. 

“This machine will enable us to expand our offerings and provide our customers with even greater flexibility and customization options for their packaging needs.”

“The Kolbus Hycorr 135 is specially designed to handle high-volume, high-speed production with precise printing and die cutting capabilities,” said Jeff Dietz, President, Kolbus America.

“It provides great flexibility while handling a wide range of corrugated board and thicknesses, making it a perfect machine for Kodiak and their customers.”

Founded in 1997, Kodiak is the most recent of the PackPros companies which have more than 70 years of design and manufacturing expertise. The companies operate under the leadership of Tony Mooter, sons Justin and Anton, and daughter, Sheyanne, who operates Kodiak.  

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