Salt Lake City, Utah based International PaperBox has announced an investment in the Bobst Expertfold and Expertcut to help boost productivity and precision.

The Bobst Expertcut 106 Autoplaten is a premium die-cutting machine that offers versatility for carton packaging converters. Designed for easy operation, it offers product quality on complex designs with cutting, stripping and blanking achieved in a single pass at speeds of up to 9,000 sheets per hour as well as synchronized feeder and register systems, and continuous throughput on runs of any length.

“We have a strong company culture of kindness, respect and continuous improvement. Naturally, the experience of our customers is paramount, and we believe that every aspect of our carton production process can be improved in areas such as quality, delivery and cost,” said Wade Holbrook, Owner of International PaperBox.

“When choosing the right machine to supercharge our carton production, we took many different factors into account. These included the ability to deliver consistent production quality, boost run speeds, and provide access to technical support and services. With the needs of our business, Bobst stood out as the clear choice.”

The Bobst Expertfold is a series of flexible folder-gluers that can produce a host number of box styles in a wide range of materials at speeds of up to 450m per minute. Designed with ease of operation in mind, Expertfold boasts product quality with high productivity. Expertfold can produce up to 28,000 boxes per hour for 4 and 6-corner boxes, with short makeready and changeover times for maximum uptime.

“We are seeing real-time benefits in shorter makeready times, faster run speeds and ultimately a higher quality product being produced,” Holbrook said. “We are seeing speed improvements of 50 percent in our processes, which is an enormous benefit to us.”

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