The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) continually works to attract the best and the brightest students for available jobs and internships within the industry.  Each year, over 750 students, who have a range of majors and minors, demonstrate their interest in corrugated packaging & displays careers by joining ICPF’s Corrugated Packaging Career Network, posting their resumes and applying for openings through ICPF’s Career Portal, and participating in ICPF’s educational programs and interactive broadcasts.

In spite of the pandemic this spring and early summer, many of ICPF’s Corporate Partners continued to actively recruit.  However, there are dozens of additional candidates in ICPF’s career network who are qualified and available for 2020 career opportunities in production, sales, design, engineering and other corrugated packaging operations.  If your firm is currently an ICPF Corporate Partner (or considering becoming an ICPF Partner) and has an opening for a recent or upcoming graduate, please contact ICPF at [email protected] or call (759) 549.8580. Information on a cross section of available candidates who have resumes in ICPF’s career portal follows.   

Louis M. (Virginia Tech Packaging Systems and Design graduate-May ’19) served as a laboratory assistant in VT’s packaging lab, and treasurer of VT’s student packaging club. Additionally, he is an Eagle Scout. “I am most interested in the engineering and structural design fields of corrugated packaging.”

Ben F. (Clemson University Industrial Engineering graduate-May ’20) achieved a 4.0 GPA this past semester and has a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. “I am interested in pursuing work in areas such as manufacturing or quality engineering within corrugated packaging.”

Johnna K. (West Virginia University Industrial and Management Systems Engineer graduate-May ’20) served a year and a half as an industrial engineering intern at Powerex Inc. and has a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. “I am looking to begin a career in manufacturing/process engineering to help continuously improve the company that hires me. I additionally have a goal to eventually reach high-level management”.    

Austin O. (Michigan State University Packaging Science graduate-May ’20) had a six month co-op at Pepperidge Farm that included testing and design He earlier spent a summer working as a packaging warehouse intern where he assisted in advancing automation between the warehouse and office. “I am motivated and excited to start working on the engineering side of the corrugated packaging industry.”

Lane S. (Illinois State University Graphic Communications graduate May ’20) acquired education in structural design through the ILS GC packaging track established in partnership with ICPF. “I’m looking to exercise my talents in packaging engineering and design.” 

Nick L. (Virginia Tech Packaging Systems and Design graduate-May ‘20) has had packaging internships at DS Smith and twice at Volvo. “I am interested in all phases of corrugated packaging engineering.”

Wesley S. (Clemson University Graphic Communications major and a Packaging Science minor -graduating December 2020) has completed two internships with WestRock as a Continuous Improvement and Special Projects Intern. “During my two internships I worked with the printing and finishing department finding ways to improve efficiency in production. As a Graphic Communications student, I have a lot of lab experience learning about the different printing processes and the science behind inks and substrates. As a Packaging Science minor, I learned about the laws, machinery, and science of packaging materials. I would enjoy being a part of the production process.

Ryan N. (Clemson Packaging Science major graduating December ‘20) is an Air Force veteran who has placed an emphasis in studying packaging materials. “My goal is to excel in the field of research & development, creating packaging that exceeds customer requirements and promotes a sustainable future.”

Rafif S. (Rochester Institute of Technology Packaging Science-May’20) had a 12-month packaging design internship at Rich Products Corp. and a six month internship at Menasha, where he analyzed new structural packaging, POP solutions and palletizations for cost improvements. “In addition to my internship experience, my role as a research & student assistant at the RIT lab have taught me the necessary technical and testing knowledge and qualification for standardized distribution testing according to ISTA and ASTM. My interest lies in structural cost improvement analysis and lab testing for corrugated packaging and their materials.” 

Visit for more information. ICPF is an independent, non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation. that may accept tax-deductible contributions from companies, individuals, and other organizations.

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