Students in the Graphic Communications Management (GCM) Program at Appalachian State University will be using new equipment this Fall, provided by the International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF). The new Kongsberg X Edge 24 prototyping table replaces equipment previously awarded to GCM by ICPF in 2009, when GCM first developed packaging curricula in the school.

“ICPF was thrilled to provide placement of this machine at Appalachian State University,” said ICPF President, Caitlin Salaverria. “This donation will allow GCM to support and grow their corrugated packaging curricula and expand hands-on learning opportunities for students to prepare them for future careers in the packaging industry.”

Salaverria acknowledged the partnership between GCM Program Faculty Dr. George Glisan, Professor and Program Coordinator and Mandy Wu, Associate Professor and advisory Board member Bettylyn Krafft of the Phoenix Challenge Foundation, who helped make the donation happen.

“As an industry-sponsored foundation, ICPF has worked for the last 30 years to advance student and faculty knowledge of the industry and to promote development of a highly trained workforce,” said Salaverria. “We’ve provided over $13 million in donations of equipment and grants to universities and look forward to expanding our efforts in coming years.” 

During the past decade, ICPF has donated or placed over $12.5 million in corrugated equipment (CAD systems, sample tables, testing systems, presses, rotary die cutters, stackers, dryers and related equipment) and other resources to advance college and university curricula to better prepare those students planning to enter the corrugated industry. (The shelf value of the additional donations of design and related software far exceed this $12.5 million figure.) 

ICPF’s online corrugated curricula is available free through its website for packaging, graphic design, flexography, business and related faculty and their students. It also serves as a resource for ICPF corporate partners in their work with new employees, community colleges and technical schools. The corrugated curricula provides a comprehensive overview of corrugated manufacturing, from a brief history to details on production, design, and corrugated packaging’s role as a cost-effective, high-performance, renewable, recyclable and sustainable packaging choice.

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