The International Corrugated Packaging Foundation (ICPF) continually works to attract the best and the brightest students for available jobs and internships within the industry. Every year, over 750 packaging engineering, sales & marketing, graphic design, packaging design, business, supply chain management, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, and related students and upcoming graduates demonstrate interest in corrugated packaging careers by joining ICPF’s Corrugated Packaging Career Network, posting their resumes and applying for openings through ICPF’s Career Portal, and participating in ICPF’s educational programs and interactive broadcasts. 

On average, over 120 student interns and new graduates are hired annually through ICPF resources by ICPF’s official corporate partners. 

If you are an ICPF Corporate Partner or considering becoming a partner, you can gain a competitive edge by recruiting early. September and early October is the best period to begin posting 2021 summer internships /co-ops and openings for upcoming 2021 graduates on ICPF’s career portal. It’s easy and fast. Contact [email protected] for information on posting openings and accessing ICPF’s resume bank for upcoming graduates and students. For those seeking applicants for immediate entry level openings, there are some upcoming December 2020 graduates available, as well. 

Here is a cross section of student interns and upcoming graduates who currently are available through ICPF’s career portal.  

Elizabeth A. is a Clemson University Packaging Science major with an emphasis on Food and Health Care Packaging and is graduating in December 2021. She was awarded an ICPF travel grant to participate in ICPF’s Student/Executive Dialogue Dinner and ICPF’s Teleconference on the Business of Corrugated Packaging & Displays this past February. Elizabeth completed a six month co-op at Tyson foods this past summer. “My areas of interest within corrugated packaging & displays include sales and manufacturing/production. I am seeking a corrugated packaging internship for May 2021-August 2021, and a full time employment opportunity upon my graduation in December 2021”. 

Ben M. is a University of Florida Biological Engineering major with a specialization in packaging and is graduating in June 2021. He also has an AA degree in engineering from Santa Fe College. “I have an interest in multiple corrugated packaging & displays positions, including manufacturing / production, project engineering, structural engineering, and sales.  I am available to start a full time position in June 2021.

Sofia J. is a Virginia Tech Packaging Systems and Design major and is graduating in May 2021. She has an educational background in packaging science/engineering, software/hardware design, and graphic design. “I am interested in packaging systems engineering and the IT systems areas, and am especially looking for opportunities that can promote my skills in solving pertinent automation/control system problems to provide extensive solutions for the corrugated packaging industry.  I will be available for full time employment in June 2021.”

Ryan N. is a Clemson Packaging Science major graduating in December 2020. He is an Air Force veteran who has placed an emphasis in studying packaging materials. “My career goal is to excel in the field of research & development, creating new packaging that exceeds customer requirements and promotes a sustainable future.”

Nicholas G. is a Clemson University Packaging Science major with a concentration in design and is graduating in May 2022. He was nominated by his professor and subsequently awarded an ICPF travel grant to participate in ICPF’s Student/Executive Dialogue Dinner and ICPF’s Teleconference on the Business of Corrugated Packaging & Displays this past February. “My corrugated packaging internship and career interests are in sales or design. I am currently looking for an internship/ co-op beginning in January of 2021.” 

Sarah W. is a Michigan State University Chemical Engineering major and is graduating in May 2021. She’s had a six month internship at BASF. “My areas of interests in corrugated packaging are in design, production, and engineering. I will be able to begin full time employment in August 2021.”

Wesley S. is a Clemson University Graphic Communications major and a Packaging Science minor. He is graduating in December 2020 and has completed two internships at WestRock as a Continuous Improvement and Special Projects Intern. “During my two internships I worked with the printing and finishing department finding ways to improve efficiency in production. As a Graphic Communications student, I have a lot of lab experience learning about the different printing processes and the science behind inks and substrates. As a Packaging Science minor, I learned about the laws, machinery, and science of packaging materials. I would enjoy being a part of the production process.”

Layla S. is a Michigan State University Packaging Science major with double minors in Environmental & Sustainability Studies and Food Processing & Technology. She is graduating May 2023. “I am seeking internships for fall 2021 and spring 2022. I will be available for full time employment in June 2023. I am interested in the design, production, and sales aspects of the corrugated packaging industry”

ICPF’s mission is to generate a stream of increasingly qualified students to enter the corrugated packaging and displays industry.  ICPF is dedicated to the creation and building of partnerships within the education community, provides curricula, equipment and other resources to advance corrugated curricula, works to expand student internships within the industry, and promotes corrugated packaging & display career opportunities for packaging engineering, graphic design, structural design, business, marketing & sales, supply chain management, mechanical & chemical engineering, industrial engineering & design, tech and related graduates. Visit

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