Atlanta, Georgia based Graphic Packaging has invested $180 million to consolidate two plants and three offsite warehouses into one of the most productive and largest folding carton operations in the world.

The 1.2 million square-foot facility, located in Monroe, Louisiana, is highly automated and uses the latest automation and advanced material handling technologies, including AGVs and roll handling systems. The automation has allowed the company to improve safety and reduce their carbon footprint.

“Automation is important for us from a safety standpoint, because it eliminates the need for the repetitive motion type jobs in the facility,” said Joe Yost, Executive Vice President. “One of the biggest parts of our culture is having a strong focus on safety here.” 

The company reports that they will convert more than 1.4 billion beverage cartons annually. The paperboard is made at the West Monroe mill, located seven miles from the factory. Between the plant and warehouse consolidation and the proximity to the mill, the company will eliminate millions of miles of freight and CO2 emissions every year.

“Our mill in Monroe and now this low-cost converting facility that we’ve built, gives us an amazing supply chain to take care of our global beverage customers at scale, really end to end,” said Mike Doss, President and CEO. “You can buy the equipment and lay out your factory in the proper way, but at the end of the day, its really all about the people and the amazing job this team has done at our facilities here.”

With a history of more than 100 years, Graphic Packaging International has more than 70 facilities worldwide that provide innovative packaging solutions to help its customers stand out and achieve brand loyalty in a competitive and dynamic marketplace. With a product portfolio that emphasizes renewable, recycled, and recyclable materials, the company is committed to its customers and 17,000+ employees, as well as protecting the environment and giving back to communities where it does business.

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