Vancouver, British Columbia based Great Little Box Company (GLBC) has announced the acquisition of Richmond, British Columbia based Ideon Packaging. The acquisition of Ideon by GLBC – an award-winning manufacturer and distributor of packaging solutions since 1982 – brings together two independent and locally owned businesses with a shared focus on quality, innovation, people and culture.

Ideon, a fast-growing leader in custom packaging, had grown to excel and differentiate in a competitive landscape. As both organizations enter the second generation of leadership, talks of uniting began in late 2019.

Together, GLBC and Ideon will offer a breadth of products, service and customer excellence unlike anything in the North American market. Working alongside each other, both groups will unite leadership teams with a focus on furthering innovation, growth and care for their employees and customers.

What this means for customers is they can expect the same exceptional quality, service and innovation that has come to distinguish each organization – but with a deeper product and service offering. For employees of the organizations, a goal of 100 percent employee retention has been set. It is a foundational part of the union established to ensure that synergies are realized through combining strengths and working together to compete in new areas previously unavailable.

In the coming months, these two packagers will operate alongside each other in their existing facilities working towards long term integration. With a mantra of “Better Together,” GLBC will ensure job security, innovation, people and culture remain a priority.

“Since 2001 Ideon has been a fierce competitor vying to build relationships, trust and business,” said GLBC President, Brad Tindall. “We have always respected the way in which Ideon’s people, leaders and owners act and compete in the market. We look forward to working closely together to further our capabilities and success.”

“Great Little Box acquiring Ideon will make for an incredible team,” said Rick Van Poele, CEO Ideon Packaging. “I have always been very impressed by GLBC’s emphasis on community and I know our people will continue to flourish in partnership. GLBC has always put their people and customer experience at the forefront of their business, and they continuously demonstrate that a focus on culture and community will lead to success. With this, I know our exceptional team at Ideon will be in great hands to continue to thrive.”

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