Atlanta, Georgia based Georgia-Pacific’s announced that its operations in Cedar Springs, Georgia, is temporarily idling one of its three paper machines for two separate week-long periods in late May and late June due to lack of demand, according to Public Affairs Manager Peggy Jaye.

“Based on current economic conditions, we’ve determined that production of medium paper on Cedar Springs’ #3 machine (PM3) significantly exceeds current and predicted short-term demand,” said Jaye. “As a result, production on PM3 was temporarily curtailed for seven days starting Thursday, May 21. Also, beginning Sunday, June 21, additional downtime on PM3 is planned for seven days.

Unfortunately, a significant number of hourly employees will be temporarily laid off or furloughed during the downtime, Jaye acknowledged. Those affected include personnel from areas across the mill that support the temporarily idled machine.

“Be assured that this was a very difficult decision to make and we understand the concern and anxiety it may cause our employees, their families and our community,” said Jaye. “In the meantime, we continue to operate, closely following public health guidelines to protect the health of our employees and our work environment against COVID-19.”

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