The highest honor that can bestowed by the FTA to a flexographer is being inducted in to the FLEXO Hall of Fame.

Each year a deserving candidate is elected by a vote conducted by living Hall of Fame Members, and since 1962 the FTA has  honored 62 different people that have contributed greatly to the flexo industry.

There are however many other flexographers who very well may be deserving of this honor but who fell short of attaining this platitude as they retired or passed away, taking them out of the spotlight.

As such, the FTA has set up a program within the Hall of Fame to not only remember these flexographic pioneers but also have the most deserving of them be honored by induction into the Hall of Fame and bestow upon them this recognition.

The first 3 recipients of this recognition were Darryl Dochstader of Gar Doc Corp. in 2021, Danny Rich of Sun Chemical in 2022, and Katherine Harper in 2023.

The FTA invites all flexo industry members to submit nominations for anyone they may feel deserving of this honor.

The official nomination form can be found at:

Nominations can also be emailed to Joe Tuccitto at  [email protected] or Dave Horsman at [email protected]

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