Palo Alto, California based HP announced a strategic relationship with Green Bay, Wisconsin based Fosber, a machinery manufacturer for the corrugated packaging industry, as part of the PWI SmartStream Solutions Partner Program.

This collaboration aims to combine the strengths of both companies and deliver cutting-edge solutions that enhance the capabilities of digital print and advanced corrugators. 

Jeff Pallini, CEO of Fosber America said, “We are very excited about collaborating with HP to run digital preprint on the Quantum Corrugator. This will provide the customers a flexible, high-quality solution of producing digitally printed sheets on the corrugator.”

Fosber and HP, alongside long-standing SmartStream Partner Program member Erhardt+Leimer (E+L), seek to offer a superior solution for the litho-lam market – DigiCorr – by combining the power of HP PageWide T700i and T1195i Presses with the capabilities of Fosber’s Quantum Corrugator, equipped with E+L Smartline controls.

This combination provides manufacturers with a streamlined and efficient approach to producing high-quality, high-graphic boxes.

The HP PageWide press technology boasts advantages over traditional litho printing, including superior economics, high productivity, operational efficiency, and great agility to accelerate turnaround times while reducing minimum order quantities.

With consistent quality and vibrant color reproduction across a wide range of papers, the T700i and T1195i Presses help ensure stunning results for various packaging applications.

Complementing HP’s 67-inch and 110-inch presses, the Fosber Quantum Corrugator helps deliver exceptional performance and versatility.

It also helps guarantee consistent quality for microflute production, catering to lightweight papers down to 50gsm/10lb mfs, and is available in 70-inch and 98-inch width. Faster and wider than a laminator, the Quantum Corrugator offers higher productivity and production flexibility. It supports standard plain board as well as varnished and special coated options.

Additionally, the Quantum Corrugator enables the production of larger printed sheet sizes, further expanding creative possibilities for packaging manufacturers.

With an OEM interface integrating the E+L Smartline camera system, the Quantum Corrugator enables effortless coordination of job changes within a roll.

This means that the T700i and T1195i Presses can efficiently print rolls containing multiple jobs, adapting order sizes to match downstream converting processes and customer demand.

Through this collaboration, Fosber and HP aim to transform the corrugated packaging landscape, empowering manufacturers to achieve new levels of productivity, creativity, and customer satisfaction.

By joining forces with E+L, a German engineering company specializing in systems for web guiding, web tension control, and web inspection, they help ensure that their expertise and solutions converge to deliver value to their customers.

“We are thrilled and honored that Fosber has chosen to join HP’s SmartStream Partner Program. Their expertise in the corrugated packaging industry is unmatched, and together, we have the potential to transform the market,” said Stephen Shannon, WW Go-to-Market Manager, HP PageWide Industrial Packaging.

“By combining Fosber’s cutting-edge corrugator technology with HP’s advanced digital printing capabilities, we can revolutionize the way boxes are produced. This strategic relationship opens up new possibilities for efficiency and cost-effectiveness in the corrugated packaging industry, and we look forward to the positive impact it will have on manufacturers and their customers.”

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