Fibre Box Association (FBA) has announced the cancellation of its in-person 2021 FBA Annual Meeting which was to be held May 2-4, 2021, at Montage Laguna Beach in California. The Executive Committee of FBA’s Board of Directors made the difficult decision based on continuing COVID-19 restrictions in Orange County, CA. 

“While we are saddened to not be together with our members again this year, the health and safety of FBA members at our events remains our greatest priority,” said FBA Vice President, Rachel Kenyon. “We believe there is great value in the information shared during the Annual Meeting, which allows attendees to step away from their everyday operations to explore and consider broader trends impacting the corrugated packaging industry.”

Instead, of the in-person meeting FBA has pivoted to planning for a virtual Annual Meeting to be held Monday, May 3, and Tuesday, May 4, from 9:00 – 11:00 am CST. 

The FBA’s Executive Committee has identified six topic areas to be covered during the event including: 

State of the Corrugated Industry: Each year, FBA asks a leader in the corrugated industry to share their company’s perspective on the corrugated industry. Coming off of record-setting box shipments in 2020, what are the economic headwinds/ tailwinds the industry can expect. Boxes are the backbone of the American supply chain, but what challenges lie ahead? What role will innovation, sustainability, and the changing marketplace play in the industry this year and beyond?

Cybersecurity: With more than one company in our industry recently impacted by a cybersecurity attack, how can you protect your business from hacking, phishing, malware, and ransomware? These attacks can leave employees, customers, and company information vulnerable. Learn about security risks and how to spot them, best practices, and a view to the latest technology for preventing cyberattacks.

Next Generation Workforce: Where will the manufacturing workforce of the future come from? As the number of manufacturing workers aged 55 and older continues to increase, the ability of manufacturing employers to fill open positions becomes more challenging. How do you attract Generation Z to the manufacturing workforce? Learn about what drives Gen Z’s career choices – you may be more aligned than you think! Hear how recruiting changes may be the answer to attracting the next generation workforce.

The Biden Administration’s Impact on Manufacturing: The previous Administration was largely viewed as a friend of business and manufacturing. How will the policies of the Biden Administration impact business and manufacturing? Should manufacturers expect increased regulations, tax changes, a boost to the minimum wage, immigration reform, and/or climate change legislation? Learn from a speaker on the front lines who is seeing change take place daily and can give you the insight needed to prepare for the next four years.

E-Commerce: Aided by the pandemic, e-commerce saw record growth in 2020 and that growth led to record-setting box shipments. Where is e-commerce headed next? Have consumer shopping habits changed forever? How will the increased move to online shopping impact the supply chain? What role does packaging continue to play in an e-commerce world? Learn from a retailer living the e-commerce boom. What’s their perspective on packaging and the supply chain. What is next and how can you secure your position in this ever-evolving marketplace?

Sustainability: How has the plastics crisis and the pandemic impacted consumer packaged goods manufacturers and consumers’ views and goals around sustainability? How does a focus on individual health impact the view of planet health? And how do both impact shopping behaviors and packaging choices? Learn from an industry organization working to understand the commitments to sustainability and how industry can meet their fast-approaching goals.

“We are very excited to bring this program to you,” said Kenyon. “Look for registration information and more detailed information about our esteemed speakers coming soon. We can’t wait to see you virtually in May!”

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