The Fibre Box Association (FBA) announced a new End-Use Segment Series as part of the agenda for the association’s upcoming Annual Meeting set for May 6-8 in Key Largo, Florida. Beginning this year, FBA Annual Meeting attendees will hear from a different box-buying market segment to help deepen member knowledge about box customers and where their markets are headed.

Jason Stein of Flat Six Media will headline this year’s segment presentation on the automotive industry. How could transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs) impact boxes sold into the automotive industry? Are fewer parts needed for EVs? What’s the impact of EVs on trucking and other vehicles like forklifts? Is the US auto industry capable of making the change, and will consumers accept it?

Stein is a media and business professional with 25 years of journalism experience across multiple platforms and is a leading personality in the global automotive space. He is CEO of Flat Six Media and the Managing Director and Partner of The Presidio Group, an investment bank in the automotive retail and consumer mobility sectors based in Atlanta and Denver. He also hosts SiriusXM’s radio show, “Cars & Culture with Jason Stein.” Launched in May 2021, the show has emerged as a sought-after venue for actors, musicians, athletes, and business leaders to discuss their own passion for the automotive world. His YouTube channel has been viewed 10 million times and has an audience across 52 countries.

Some of his 100+ guests include Mark Wahlberg, Jimmie Johnson, John Elway, Toto Wolff, Zack Brown, Jay Leno, and Guy Berryman, bass player for Coldplay. To register for the annual meeting, visit

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