Domino Printing Sciences (Domino) has confirmed its acquisition of Lake Image Systems, a producer of automated, vision-based inspection systems, for quality control and data verification.

The acquisition comes as part of Domino’s ongoing commitment to “Do More” to deliver best-in-class customer experience through products, services and expertise, that help customers improve production efficiency and cut manufacturing waste. The company recognizes that with the growth of Industry 4.0, intelligent inspection and validation has become increasingly important to global customers within both digital printing, and coding and marking applications.

The acquisition will bring proven solutions into the Domino portfolio and provides customers with the opportunity to benefit from Lake Image Systems’ expertise and create production lines with greater intelligence and product accuracy. Lake Image Systems’ product range includes high-tech camera and lighting applications, and industry-leading image data management software.

Prior to the acquisition, Domino and Lake Image Systems worked together for more than 20 years on projects to supply vision solutions for data verification to Domino’s commercial and digital printing customers.

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