The Jetzer brothers — Jim, Tom, and Dave — share nearly a century of experience working at Phillips, Wisconsin based BW Papersystems, and they are just as much in sync together at work as they are at home.

Jim Jetzer, who most recently worked in shipping and receiving, retired from the company on May 3. He began his career in 1995 as a machinist, later becoming a supervisor in 2000. He worked in the shop closely with his brother, Dave, before transferring to assembly. Around 2018, he found himself working in material handling, primarily within the twin box flow line. In 2022, he switched to shipping and receiving.

“What I will miss the most is the people, some who I’ve worked with here throughout my whole career,” Jim said. And as for what’s next? He’s excited for retirement, where he looks forward to traveling across the country in his camper.

Like his brother Jim, Dave, who retired from Papersystems in 2021, spent much of his career working in the shop. He began his career in 1989, initially to head up a fabricating department. He cherished his time as a supervisor of the fabricating shop. “I loved being hands-on,” Dave recalled. And, like his brother Jim, he also misses the team members. “I always liked working with people. And I’m appreciative for all the diverse things I got to do during my time here.” Particularly, he said, about the impactful work within sourcing that he got to do overseas in China.

And just like his older brothers, Tom Jetzer echoed his passion for being part of a team at work that is cohesive and in sync.
“It’s like working with your brothers,” Tom said of working as an assembly lead. “You just know what you need to do next.”
And Tom, who began at Papersystems in 1990 as a mechanical assembler, has viewed his career here as an opportunity to learn from the best. “I’ve worked with great people over the years who have helped to guide and coach me,” he said. Like brother Dave, he also has had the opportunity to work in China for installation projects, before finally becoming an assembly lead.

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