Pico Rivera, California based Bay Cities, a designer and manufacturer of sustainable retail packaging and displays, and Cruz Foam, a circular materials company, announced the launch of their new EcoVino range of earth-friendly wine shipping products. The companies are debuting sustainable packaging solutions at the WIN Expo trade show which is focused exclusively on wineries in California, and is the second largest wine industry show in North America.

“We are excited about the debut of the eco-friendly wine shipping solution at this year’s WIN Expo,” says Sahar Mehrabzadeh, EVP of Sales at Bay Cities.

“Our customers can now confidently send wine club shipments, premium wine from auction houses, gifts and other deliveries at any time of the year and in an appealing and sustainable presentation. EcoVino’s packaging is not only in line with consumer’s sustainable values but also in line with the wine industry’s sustainable farming practices.”

“Over the two past years, Cruz Foam has been increasingly approached by wine, beverage and luxury brands for environmentally-conscious e-commerce packaging for wines and spirits companies,” said John Felts, CEO & Co-Founder of Cruz Foam.

“Our partnership with Bay Cities will allow us to provide the highest quality, compostable impact and thermal protection for wines and spirits with appealing, brand-positive designs.”

Approximately 2.2 million tons of expanded polystyrene foam is produced annually. Bay Cities’ mission is to replace polystyrene foam with Cruz Foam, a bioengineered foam made from seafood waste to help reduce the plastic that is filling landfills and oceans. Bay Cities is FSC and SFI certified, and uses eco-friendly, food-safe water-based inks. The wine packaging is made with up to 99 percent post-consumer waste and is 100 percent recyclable.

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