Fort Washington, Pennsylvania based Amtech Software announced the launch of Advanced Planning Board (APB), the latest innovation that integrates seamlessly into Encore ERP.

APB is a web-based solution that uses a flexible points algorithm to automate the scheduling function, allowing the plant schedulers to easily handle multi-pass and multi-part items.

Amtech Software is a leader in enterprise resource planning (ERP) for the corrugated packaging industry. APB features Key Performance Indicators (KPI) dashboards that show capacity, automation auditing, and user traceability. Integration into Encore means schedulers have direct access to all ERP data.

APB’s innovative user interface allows schedulers to see multiple plants in one single pane view with the capability to allow multiple schedulers in the software at once. Fully customizable, it allows schedulers to view machines and families of machines. With a flexible timescale, schedulers can see 1-hour to 1-month views.

“Advanced Planning Board takes the richness of our existing solutions and layers in a modern, web-based interface with support for multiple plants in one instance,” said Chuck Schneider, CEO of Amtech Software. “Our customers that have previewed this solution love the ease-of-use and new KPIs.”

ABP’s key enhancements:

Real-Time Dashboards: KPI-focused dashboards for measuring real-time capacity, automation, and user activity. Zoom the level of detail from individual machine groups all the way to enterprise-wide views of multiple plants.

Ease of Communication: Seamless integration between the ERP and the schedule allows plant-wide visibility and ownership.

Modern User Interface: Web-based solution that puts information at the user’s fingertips through hover help, drilldowns, and customizable colors.

Amtech is a leading provider of software solutions for the corrugated packaging industry. For more information, visit

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