AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, has released Challenges of Implementing AI, the second white paper on Artificial Intelligence (AI). This paper aims to shed light on key aspects of AI implementation, making complex concepts accessible to a wider audience.

Change is necessary but not always easy. When implementing a new technology like AI, there will be challenges. This new white paper will help AICC members prepare and plan for the challenges associated with implementing AI in their plants.   

In easy-to-understand terms, this paper briefly describes implementation costs, data silos, and data management and security. 

“We know well that AI offers manufacturers tremendous upside for efficiency in their operations, and we expect adopters will find great value,” said AICC President Mike D’Angelo. “But we cannot ignore the challenges that may arise when embracing AI. This second white paper will provide relevant information for you to be prepared for the AI journey.”

AICC remains at the forefront of promoting knowledge and innovation within the packaging industry, and the release of this white paper reaffirms its commitment to providing valuable resources for its members and the broader community.

All AICC products begin with our members. AI, Manufacturing, and the Next Big Step in Operational Efficiency is the first white paper in a series on AI written by the AICC AI sub-committee, other AICC members, and subject matter experts. AICC thanks each of them for their contribution to this educational tool.

The white paper, Challenges of Implementing AI, is now available for download at AICC encourages everyone in the packaging industry to explore the insights provided in this white paper.

Questions about AICC’s AI resources can be directed to Taryn Pyle, Director of Education & Leadership Development, [email protected] or (703) 836-2422.

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