AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, announced that Greg Jones, SUN Automation, and Greg Tucker, Bay Cities, have been awarded the prestigious AICC Champion Award in recognition of their exceptional contributions to furthering the Association’s membership.

This annual award honors individuals who have gone above and beyond in recruiting new members, encouraging existing members, and assisting member companies in enhancing their engagement with AICC.

The AICC Champion Award is a testament to the dedication and unwavering commitment of individuals who play a pivotal role in strengthening the Association’s community. Greg Jones and Greg Tucker have demonstrated outstanding leadership and advocacy in these areas, setting a high standard for AICC members.

“Existing members are the strongest promoters of AICC and AICC programming to non-members,” said AICC President Mike D’Angelo. “They know the value that AICC delivers better than anyone. This award recognizes the passion and commitment that Greg and Greg bring to the industry and its Association.”

Jones, who is receiving this award for the third time, is a long-standing member of AICC. He has been instrumental in recruiting and retaining members by sharing his enthusiasm for the Association and its mission. His passion for the industry and his ability to communicate its value are instrumental to the growth of AICC. 

“I am humbled and honored by this recognition but would be doing a disservice if I did not recognize the tireless efforts of AICC Staff, along with Finn McDonald, Independent II, and AICC Membership Committee Chair, who all lead in such an encouraging manner. Additionally, I am thankful for the commitment of our President at SUN Automation, Chris Kyger, along with our Board of Directors for their support to allow me to serve and volunteer for the Association.”

He explained why he strongly advocates for AICC. “Ultimately, I get an adrenaline rush recruiting and retaining members, similar to a close of placing a piece of equipment that meets a company’s needs. I fully understand the blessings I have received professionally and personally through my engagement with AICC, and I want to see others experience the same pleasure and return on investment. 

“We are all looking to make the best decisions that make the most favorable impact on our financials; however, the greatest treasure I will take away from volunteering for AICC are the relationships and memories established with others within our industry. When I retire one day, hopefully, 15-20 years down the road, I truly do not think I will remember the record EBITDA years we experienced over the past several years, but more so, I will recall cherished memories of the relationships that were developed and made in helping co-workers, customers, AICC Staff, and others in the corrugated industry solve problems and bring true meaning to their lives and careers. Some may feel I have volunteered and given much to AICC, but truthfully and selfishly, I am the one who has been rewarded and blessed beyond measure,” said Jones. 

Greg Tucker, another esteemed member of AICC, has shown exceptional dedication to AICC by recruiting new members and encouraging other AICC members to inform prospective members about the value of AICC membership. 

“We live and breathe referring people to our favorite restaurants, parks, beaches, and gatherings of like-minded people willing to slow down with their busy world and share experiences, that being the AICC,” Tucker said. 

“What we do every day is help fellow friends and interested folks learn, grow, and thrive. I don’t quite understand the big commotion of getting an award for helping drive membership and getting the message out for the AICC. Isn’t it what we are here for, showing people the light towards enduring success? To me, it’s just like referring friends to my favorite restaurant or turning them on to a great novel. Why wouldn’t I? Shouldn’t we all?”

The AICC Champion Award is a testament to the power of individuals to make a difference. Greg Jones and Greg Tucker exemplify the spirit of AICC, and their contributions will continue to benefit the Association for years to come.

The Membership & Marketing Committee Chair selects recipients of the Award. All employees at AICC member companies are eligible for the award.

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