AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, announced the release of three free online courses available exclusively to its members, further expanding its commitment to ongoing education and professional development in the packaging industry. These latest additions to extensive educational offerings are designed to enhance production scheduling, maintenance, and business communication skills.

The first course, “Introduction to Production Scheduling,” is tailored specifically for packaging professionals. This foundational course delves into the core aspects of scheduling, aimed at demystifying the complexities involved in effectively coordinating production processes. Participants will gain a robust understanding of various scheduling strategies and best practices that are pivotal in optimizing operations and ensuring timely delivery.

Our second offering, “Business Communications,” addresses the core principles of professional communication within the business environment. This course aims to enhance skills critical for clear and effective communication, which are crucial for maintaining professional relationships and conducting successful business operations.

Adding to AICC’s robust educational offerings, the new “Operator Maintenance” course focuses on empowering operators with the skills and knowledge necessary for routine machine maintenance. This course highlights the importance of operator involvement in maintaining equipment, ensuring its optimal performance and longevity through practical examples.

These courses include interactive quizzes reinforcing the material and ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the subjects. These quizzes are strategically placed at the end of key chapters to assess and enhance the learning experience.

AICC proudly offers members these educational resources and more than 100 other online courses at no cost. This initiative is part of the Association’s ongoing effort to support its members’ professional growth and ensure that independent packaging manufacturers continue to thrive in a competitive market.

Members can access these courses at

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