Attleboro, Massachusetts based Abbott-Action Packaging introduced their latest high-speed converting machine, the Isowa Falcon FP50 Flexo Folder Gluer. This state-of-the-art machine replaces their smaller flexo folder gluer by Simon and their larger flexo folder gluer by McKinley, promising enhanced speed, efficiency, and precision in their operations.

Crafted by Japanese manufacturer Isowa, headquartered in Kasugai, Japan, the Falcon FP50 stands as Isowa’s fastest converting line for mid-sized boxes. Capable of producing up to 350 boxes per minute for single-ups, and up to 700 boxes per minute for double-ups.

Driven by a commitment to meeting evolving market demands, Abbott-Action Packaging, a leader in corrugated packaging and displays, realized the need to ramp up production efficiency to support business growth.

With an eye on balancing existing orders while accommodating new ones, the company embarked on a quest for advanced machinery to improve upon their operations within their 156,000 square foot facility.

Given the significant role of brown box packaging in their portfolio, acquiring a machine with four-color printing, increased speed, and greater operational efficiency became key to scaling up their production capacity. As a result, they began on a journey in 2020 to replace and upgrade their existing flexo corrugated converting equipment.

By 2022, their choice was clear: they opted for Isowa’s Falcon FP50, a one-stop solution that replaced their smaller and larger flexo converting machines.

The Falcon FP50 marks a new era for Abbott-Action Packaging, allowing the company to undertake more multi-color print orders with its cutting-edge four-color printing capability and remarkable production volume. Thanks to the Falcon’s patented SuperFlex Plus Inking System, color changes are faster, minimizing ink loss for enhanced costs savings in the long run.

Plus, the Falcon’s patented Automatic Ink Viscosity Controller streamlines quality control processes, increasing operational efficiency.

The Falcon FP50 is one of three Abbott-Action converting lines that offer flexo folder gluing in addition to die cutting. While speed is a standout feature, it’s not the only efficient factor of the Falcon FP50. Its ability to significantly reduce setup time during order changes enables seamless job transitions while other jobs continue to run, which allows for spare capacity in other processes.

Plus, its user-friendly design makes it easy to access mechanical components, simplifying routine maintenance tasks and cleaning procedures.

In essence, Abbott-Action’s decision to adopt the Falon FP50 was a natural one. Abbott-Action drew from their positive history with Isowa, as they had previously purchased the Isowa Ibis flexo folder gluer years ago. The company has firsthand experience with Isowa’s commitment to quality and innovation. This established rapport, coupled with Isowa’s track record of reliability, made the choice of the Falcon FP50 an easy and confident one for Abbott-Action.

Preparation for the Falcon FP50 began in October 2023, with Abbott-Action breaking ground to prepare the foundation for its arrival. Following the arrival of components in January 2024, the Hampton Industrial Services rigging crew arrived February 23 to unload all parts. Around that same time, a member from Isowa arrived to assist in the timing and coordination of trucks.

The total timeline for unloading and mechanical assembly took a week and a half. Additional Isowa crew members showed up later to assist in the calibration, wiring, testing, and training of the machine.

Other members from various other companies were present during this time to help assist with the complementary equipment, such as crews from Alliance, BW Papersystems, and EAM-MOSCA. The amazing collaborative efforts from Isowa, Alliance, BW Papersystems, EAM-MOSCA, and Abbott-Action employees ensured a seamless integration process, setting the stage for a successful start.

Abbott-Action’s Falcon FP50 ran its first official box for testing on March 7 and has since been running production orders during the testing phases.

Initial Falcon trial runs have surpassed expectations. Thanks to such a smooth start, Abbott-Action is further ahead in the testing and training process than they had expected.

The Falcon is just one of the many new machines part of Abbott-Action’s new flexo folder gluing assembly line. Abbott-Action’s team is diving into training covering every part of the line, from the pre-feeder to the load quickly the former. Despite so many moving parts, the crew quickly adapted, fueled by their eagerness to learn, even with the Falcon being brand new.

Fortunately, Abbott-Action is speeding up the learning curve by appointing a member from the Isowa Ibis to lead the Isowa Falcon FP50, leveraging their existing familiarity with Isowa machinery to streamline the training process.

The company has taken to their social media to share their journey, inviting everyone to join in the thrill.

bbott-Action’s Marketing Manager, Michelle Conca, says “We’ve been blown away by the response to our Isowa Falcon journey — it’s been nothing short of amazing. From vendors to customers and industry peers, everyone’s been loving the behind-the-scenes. It’s fantastic to see others recognizing the value of this machine and joining us in celebrating this milestone.”

Abbott-Action looks forward to sharing more updates as they keep fine-tuning and improving their operations. Until then, Abbott-Action is set to continue further testing and training until the Falcon FP50 is ready to fly.

Visit to learn more and connect with Abbott-Action Packaging on LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook to follow along their journey with Isowa’s Falcon FP50.

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