Royal Containers (Royal), an Ontario, Canada, corrugated container manufacturer with locations in both the Brampton and London areas, celebrated the grand opening of its new, modernized facility at 400 Edgeware Road in St. Thomas. 

The celebration follows nearly two years of steady planning and groundwork that has gone into installing and configuring more than a dozen industrial machines as well as heavy equipment, computers and office furniture. 

Royal first opened in 1980 and expanded into the London area with the acquisition of Morphy Containers Ltd. Having a western Ontario location has meant supplying regional industries like health, brewery and agricultural with Royal’s infinite range of cartons, trays, retail displays and boxes. The new St. Thomas location will continue to offer 100 percent recycled and recyclable products; in fact, the modern location will only make for more efficient, sustainable and progressive production. 

“Investing in our Royal West operations is a deep source of pride resulting from the insight, collaboration and mutual hard work of the team,” said Royal President, Kim Nelson. “We know only too well the challenges brought on by the pandemic as well as the shifting economy, but Royal enjoys a collaborative culture with our employees and a loyal relationship with our customers. We open our new facility today with huge appreciation for both.” 

Guests, including Mayor Joe Preston; St. Thomas City Manager, Sandra Datars Bere; Economic Development Corporation CEO, Sean Dyke; and Chamber of Commerce CEO, Paul Jenkins, were able to tour the plant and see Royal’s new and existing machinery. The machines and their operators took a brief pause from the hundreds of thousands of square-feet of corrugated board that is processed at the facility every day. 

Royal’s grand opening included a revamp of their website. Guests received branded accessories and a generous commemorative donation was made to Royal’s 2022/23 Charity of Choice, Harvest Hands. 

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