The leadership team of Westport, Connecticut based JB Machinery recently cut the ribbon at the grand opening of its expanded and updated manufacturing facility in Neenah, Wisconsin. The 8-month project increased the functional space of the XDS facility, the design/engineering and manufacturing division of JB Machinery, nearly doubling the size to 30,000 square feet (9144 sqm). The expansion allowed XDS to streamline the manufacturing process, expand the Research and Development Lab and enhance the engineering and customer experience spaces.

“We had simply outgrown our manufacturing space,” said JB President Warren Bird. “All of our floor space was taken up by manufacturing and the demand for JB products was taxing the capacity of the facility. In order to meet the growing demand for JB products, it was obvious to us there was a need to expand the physical aspects of our business.”

In addition to providing more room to work, the expanded space allowed XDS to restructure their workflow to minimize footsteps and maximize the efficiency from Engineering to Shipping. According to Jeff DeVries, President of XDS, “Every square foot of manufacturing space was filled with something. We often had to spread one project around another as workspace became available. Now our operation is structured for commonality of process with a streamlined workflow that allows us to optimize our time from order placement to order shipment, while creating a comfortable work environment for our employees.”

Research and Development is an important part of JB’s business model. “We are continually assessing our customers’ current and future needs, evaluating the direction of the industry and envisioning products to enhance the efficiency, quality and safety of converting and finishing lines,” said Bird. “Expanding and updating our Research Lab was a top priority in the project. The new lab space provides more room for development and testing and will help us reduce time-to-market with new JB products.”

The project included the addition of high efficiency industrial lighting throughout the manufacturing area and a state-of-the-art high efficiency, enhanced filtration HVAC system to maintain a comfortable, clean, and healthy environment for employees and product assembly.

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