For over 40 years, EAM-Mosca has been a trailblazer in the strapping systems industry. Its automatic strapping systems leverage its proprietary ultrasonic sealing technology, SoniXs, to provide a superior seal that holds up during transit, storage, and warehousing.

With this in mind, EAM-Mosca is excited to announce the launch of a new logo. The logo better aligns with Mosca’s brand vision and demonstrates alignment with their parent company, Mosca, leading the way in developing greener, more efficient strapping systems with a more unified global presence.

Mosca is a global brand that is widely recognized as a thought leader and innovator in the automatic strapping systems industry. They have fostered a powerful corporate and brand identity for over 55 years, and the Mosca logo has become a recognized symbol that signifies the far-reaching brand awareness the company has cultivated. When clients see Mosca’s logo, they know that it is synonymous with excellence, quality, and innovation. 

Seventeen years after Mosca was founded, EAM-Mosca was created to share their parent company’s vision with brands throughout The Americas. Since its inception, they have carried out that mission with a steadfast dedication to its craft and to their clients. 

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