Cell Pak, a division of Fluted Partition based in Bridgeport, Connecticut, announced it has joined forces with another Connecticut based partition company, Russell Partition. Cell Pak, manufacturers of corrugated and paperboard partitions and pads, opened in 1984 in its current location along the shoreline in the industrial Northeast. It had been exploring alternative manufacturing locations since space was limited at the facility it was sharing with another company.

“When the opportunity presented itself to join forces with one of our industry friends, Jim Bango, along with the opportunity to move into a new larger facility, it was like the stars just aligned,” said Robert Niedermeier, General Manager of Cell Pak.

Russell Partition employees have shifted to Cell Pak, expanding the company to 35 employees manufacturing corrugated and chip partitions from small lots to trailer loads. Over the coming year, a multi-phase, plant-wide transition will reconfigure the expanded facility in North Haven to accommodate the Bridgeport equipment.

“We have a four-phase plan to clean up, re-layout existing equipment and move in the Bridgeport equipment in such a way to have no interruption in service to our wonderful customers,” Niedermeier said.

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