As consumers continue to purchase food products packaged to eat at home, paperboard packaging manufacturers such as Toronto, Ontario based Beneco Packaging/, which service the food market, need to remain in strict compliance with food safety requirements. This leading North American fast-run offset packaging specialist is proud to have earned its latest certification that meets internationally recognized food safety requirements for its paperboard packaging clients. In September 2021, the firm maintained its credentials and—in the third year in a row—earned the coveted International Featured Standard (IFS) PACSecure certification and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) certification. 

These certifications show that Beneco Packaging/ has successfully passed a rigorous food safety auditing process and certifies that its manufacturing facility is compliant with HACCP food safety regulations.

“Quality and safety are our top priorities in producing some of the most innovative food packaging products for our clients,” says YaJun (Carol) Jiang, President of Beneco Packaging/ “We are proud and grateful to receive this certification. This recognition is a true testament to the professionalism and expertise of our entire organization. To receive this certification for the third year in a row demonstrates our commitment to our customers and trust in our print process.”

IFS PACSecure certification recognizes that a food business has developed, documented and implemented systems and procedures in accordance with HACCP. Food manufacturers require that SoOPAK has 100 percent traceability of all raw materials used in the manufacturing process. This is a critical component of the PFS PACSecure system. 

Food manufacturers are also seeking well-organized, clean facilities that can consistently produce paperboard packaging products according to quality standards. It is granted by an external certification authority that has the necessary knowledge and skills to undertake an assessment of the HACCP system or HACCP plan. By earning this designation, Beneco Packaging/ instantly demonstrates to its customers its commitment to producing safe packaging for food. To gain certification by a reputable certification provider, Beneco Packaging/ was required to undergo an audit or assessment of its food safety and HACCP policies and procedures. 

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