For businesses facing recent changes in board costs, Amtech Software is ready to help customers to quickly update their costs. Automated Performance Costing (APC) enables plants to evaluate their true business costs by combining General Ledger and Production data into a single, intuitive view that allows stakeholders to understand, not just material costs, but the true cost of doing business down to the order and then make appropriate decisions.   

“No longer do our customers need to bring in outside consultants to revise their cost models,” said Darren Artillio, President of Amtech Software. “Our tool, APC, puts the power of costing in our customers hands allowing them to revise their models in a matter of hours instead of days or weeks. Combine that with the ability to run ‘what if’ scenarios for adding machinery, another shift, or more importantly identifying areas of bad busines and it becomes a powerful business tool.”

To learn more about how APC can help your business, contact [email protected].

Amtech is the backbone of more than 600 manufacturing plants and offers a business system that is both innovative and comprehensive. With a complete suite of modules and enterprise solutions, Amtech has the technology that businesses need to remain competitive.

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