AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, has been told by many members that their plants are being pushed further than they have seen in years. During busy times the efficiency of machines and teams is more critical than ever. AICC has developed new webinars to help members maximize their machines and the knowledge of their teams. 

On Tuesday, October 26, AICC members can learn how companies are using benchmarking best practices to improve margins and reach peak performance in Operations Leaders: Get More from Your Machines Through Benchmarking. This webinar was developed with the support of AICC Member Guidewheel. 

AICC Technical Advisors Tom Weber and Ralph Young have joined up again to share their knowledge of paperboard substrate surface characteristics and the manufacturing processes that build the printing interface for Defining the Graphic Grades of Substrates on Tuesday, November 9.

Created with the support of AICC Education Investor, EFI, Best Practices for Effective Paper Management will teach attendees how to create a detailed analysis of a corrugator running schedule and identify huge saving opportunities by consolidating paper grades and widths from your inventory on Thursday, November 11. 

Prioritizing a team’s limited time where it can have the greatest impact is critical – not just in today’s environment of labor and talent shortages, but also for the long term. In Operations Leaders: Prioritize Your Team’s Time to Get More from Your Machines, on Thursday, December 2, attendees will dig into best practices to identify and align their team around the actions that will have the greatest impact on the plant floor. Specifically, they will hear examples of how other companies identify and address top causes of downtime to move the needle on throughput and margin. This webinar was developed with the support of AICC Member Guidewheel. 

Selecting a converting machine based on specifications alone can lead to disappointment. In this webinar, we will discuss considerations that are sometimes overlooked when selecting new converting equipment. Created with Etra Corrugated Solutions, LLC, Critical Considerations Overlooked When Selecting New Converting Equipment, on Wednesday, December 8, will explain how product mix and plant layout and infrastructure need to come into the decision process.

Register for any of these webinars at All webinars can be purchased separately or with All Access Pass for one payment of $1,695. Participating companies receive a code that all employees can use to register for every webinar scheduled through July 2022. Visit

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