The global AI in packaging market is expected to reach $23,415.2 million by 2034, representing a 29.3 percent growth rate from 2024, according to a report released by Newark, Delaware based Future Market Insights (FMI).

“AI is revolutionizing packaging operations by improving analytics, optimizing algorithms, and controlling design and quality. It predicts equipment faults, schedules repairs, and streamlines production. AI-driven supply chain management systems enable real-time inventory tracking, demand forecasting, and route optimization, boosting productivity and reducing costs,” said Ismail Sutaria, Lead Consultant or Packaging and Materials at FMI.

AI is rapidly developing in packaging design, utilizing algorithms to analyze product specifications, industry trends, and consumer preferences, FMI said. This technology is set to create aesthetically pleasing, practical, and economical packaging designs. AI also optimizes structural integrity and predicts consumer reactions to different packaging styles using machine learning techniques.

AI plays a crucial role in the packaging industry’s quality control procedures, enabling faster and more accurate examination of products and materials, identifying flaws, ensuring legal compliance, and reducing waste, FMI said. AI automates inspection duties, reducing the need for physical intervention and maintaining high product quality standards.

The packaging market is adopting AI technology for innovation, efficiency, and sustainability, offering companies opportunities for expansion and competitiveness. Machine learning, computer vision, and data analytics are being used to enhance packaging design, manufacturing, and distribution. As AI continues to develop, its influence on the packaging sector is expected to grow.

In the competitive landscape, key AI solution providers in the packaging industry include Amazon Inc., IBM, Microsoft Corporation, GE Digital, Open AI, Midjourney Inc., Canva, Adobe, ABB Group, Cognex Corporation, and others.

Leading companies actively invest in research and development to enhance their AI capabilities and offer innovative packaging solutions.

In November 2021, ABB Robotics partnered with Zume to reduce their reliance on single-use plastics in their global continuous packaging production.

In October 2021, Schneider Electric Canada and OptiMach partnered to expand operational duties and provide customers with robotic and autonomous solutions.

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